Irrigation Service

The following Service Contract is for Irrigation Service. Please Check the phases you would like completed and click send. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or email. You can also print this form by clicking the PDF link below:

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Irrigation Service

Irrigation Phases

Phase 1 – Spring Turn On

Your sprinkler system will be turned on, completely inspected and adjusted. Any freeze damage in the system will be repaired at no expense to the customer (if your system was winterized by Crooked Tree Nursery). If any other repairs are needed, due to damage from winter services and or product failure, standard fees will apply for parts and labor. Standard fee rates of $55 per man hour apply in addition to part costs. (Note if sprinkler damage is due to an early season freeze prior to the winterization the cost of repairs will not be warrantied. These repairs will be noted and repaired at startup.)

Phase 2 – Mid Season

Your sprinkler System will be completely gone through, to ensure all heads, valves, controller, and lines are functioning properly. In addition, there will be modifications made to the controller, if needed due to the seasonal temperatures.

Phase 3 – Winterization

Your Sprinkler system will be winterized. The lines will be blown out and drained, the system will be checked for any problems. Pumps and supply lines will be removed. A check list, showing (by zone) any problems that are existing at the time of winterization, will be given to the customer. Any repairs that are needed to the irrigation system will be completed during the spring turn on of the Irrigation System. Crooked Tree Nursery is not responsible for any freeze damage to the irrigation system prior to your winterization.


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