Flourish Events, Seminars and Workshops

At Crooked Tree Nursery, our mission is aimed to supply our customers with the best quality of services and materials within the scope of landscape and design. Our team works closely with each client to help turn their visions and dreams into a reality. This mission sets the tone for each service we offer, thus placing a fundamental value in the relationships that we build with our clients. These formed partnerships surface the beautiful exchange between ideas, visions, and creative planning that ultimately inspire us to keep exploring more ways we connect with others and the community.

Flourish: In House Setting

The public is always welcomed with open arms at the nursery. We encourage all walks of life to spend time with our dedicated staff, exploring plants and tapping into your creative juices. Crooked Tree delights in offering a safe and secure space for individuals to cozy up to, sprinkled with a lot of beauty and majesty to be admired. Each event will be held in our greenhouse that can hold up to 30 people comfortably and will be age specific.

It is our vision to offer a plethora of opportunities and learning courses for all ages each season. Next time you are looking for a venue for a girl’s day, birthday party, bridal shower, team-building event, or just a creative outlet, forget the popular hangouts and visit our attractive, accessible, and award-winning nursery. It’s an inspiring alternative that will be sure to ignite your creativity! We guarantee that the fresh air, getting your hands dirty, and constructing your own masterpiece will raise your spirits, promote new ideas, and cement productive partnerships. We promise you that when you leave, you’ll want to come back for more fun!

Flourish: Off-Site Setting


Our staff prides itself in our continual efforts at achieving optimal greatness within the work environment. We are in constant search of activities that can strengthen our characteristics in the workplace and help us grow stronger as a team. Many, if not all, of the on-site events we are hosting can be used as team building and self-care services for work teams in the corporate setting.

All of our corporate services offer personalized pricing according to group size and project type. In a world where attention is focused on making the client, student, or patient happy, businesses often forget about their most valued assets – their employees. Team building and specially planned activities not only boost morale for employees, but can also increase the success of your business. A few examples of why these events could be beneficial in your workplace are:

• Facilitates better communication
• Motivates employees
• Promotes creativity
• Develops problem solving skills
• Breaks the barrier
• It’s FUN!

Next time your office or department is looking for a unique way to step away from the desk and every day routine, consider bringing one of our workshops to them! These classes will surface the ability to view your co-workers creative side, assess their strengths and weaknesses, invite curiosity to the table, and ignite great energy amongst one another! These corporate workshops are truly a treasured opportunity that one must experience!

Horticulture Therapy

In addition to various events being offered in both the public and private setting, we want to implement the same vision to the medical and healthcare environment, specifically for patients and/or residents. Crooked Tree Nursery is aimed at creating a partnership with hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers. We are beyond excited to be offering a vast array of horticultural services and activities that can supplement an individual’s overall health and well-being. Our staff will work with any group that can benefit from the interaction with plants, including veterans, children, the elderly, and those dealing with addiction or mental health problems. Each activity will be designed to best fit the needs of an individual and/or group and will enable them in a special way to connect to nature and one another. The possibilities are endless as to what our staff can bring to you! Examples of some “healing connections” are as follows:

• Building community planters (wheelchair height)
• Therapeutic garden projects (working together throughout the growing season)
• Plant Care 101 (the individual as the role of the healer)
• Making homemade bird feed
• Designing succulent, annual, Fall, and Winter planters
• Wreath decorating
• Paint & Pot
• Play with dirt and other landscape materials

All of these therapeutic examples promote physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual well-being. We encourage you to get in touch with our nursery to set up a consultation to discuss the many benefits of this exciting opportunity to bring our resources and communities together for the greater good of all!

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