March 24, 2020

During the outbreak of Covid-19 and due to the request of our governor, Crooked Tree Nursery is willfully participating in the state wide shut down for the next 3 weeks. With that said, our office is closed but our phones are forwarded to our personal phones. We are still available and will continue to try and serve your needs. Our designers are still busy designing landscapes and would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

You might be surprised by what you can do over our website by visiting We can complete estimates, provide cost for lawn care such a spring cleanups, fertilizer, mowing, and much more. We also can provide your landscape estimates and drawings through email for your review so we can get you on our landscape schedule.

Things you may see us doing, if allowed and are critical to our industry are fertilizer as this is a service with one individual working by themselves and no contact with customers. The reason to pursue this is to get the essential pre-emergent control down that is critical to you turf needs.

Snow plowing is necessary if we need to clear lots and sidewalks of operating businesses. These are mostly individual task and do not involve customer contact. We want to keep you safe.

Our nursery is expecting large shipments of plants and trees over the next several weeks. They will have to be unloaded and cared for. Again this requires extremely low contact with others to accomplish and we will take every effort to provide social distancing to protect our employees and their families.

During this difficult time, delivery of goods such as bulk products and items you might need for the care of you property can be arranged for delivery by calling 989-472-4408 to setup delivery. This can be completed by our delivery driver and no personal contact with our customers.

We sincerely hope and pray this situation will run its course and cures can be found. Please keep us informed if you need help and we will assist to the best of our abilities.

As always stay safe and healthy,
Eddie Louch